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Ayala Sewer Contractors has been performing sewer and drain service in Los Angeles CA for the past twenty years. We have built a solid reputation based on timely service, immediate response in emergencies, and our use of high tech equipment. As sewer contractors we offer excellent sewer and drain cleaning everyday 24 hours a day. Many people do not realize that clogged drains and sewer lines do not happen overnight, except when someone puts an object down the toilet that gets stuck. Our company has the capability of running a flexible hand auger down the toilet if an object caused the problem.

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When I need emergency sewer cleaning, there is only one company I always call and that is Ayala Sewer Contractors. I like how they work and the speed of their services. I strongly recommend them to anyone who need reliable sewer contractors. Thank you for your kind and knowledgeable experts.
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Find out how a sewer cleaning works

For bathroom sewer cleaning, we work with the Flush Bag. This is kind of a sack that we connect to a hose. Then we insert the flush bag into the sink drain. Turning on the hose make the bag expand and push the everything down the drain. Usually hair and soap scum are the reason for the clogging so the Flush Bag can break it up. A good drain cleaning may save you a lot of money and troubles. If you think that is unbelievably easy, wait for the best part. Our sewer cleaning professionals are well equipped with tools for sewer lines repair.
We can handle any sewer lines repair or sewer cleaning no matter the location of the problem. Ayala Sewer Contractors in Los Angeles CA has modern equipment and the best possible to fix the problem quickly. We can offer you sewer cleaning, installing piping systems and other services.

So if you are preparing for a big party it is better to call us first, to make sure everything will be fine. We must inform you of course, that every sewer problem that you left untouched may lead you to our professional mechanical contractor. They can take care for the sewer lines repair.

There is no place that our sewer contractors cannot reach
When you are going to have a large gathering at your home, then we recommend that you have your sewer lines inspected so that you will not get any surprises on the big day. We get emergency calls often when a home is hosting a big event. In most cases, people believe that if they flush a toilet two or three times the blockage will break up and everything will be fine.

We have the right tools and materials to repair your sewer lines

Often, flushing the toilet too many times lead to overflow. Kitchen sewers are also a source of problems, because when grease and some elements combine together may form a blockage. We can break these plugs with the help of a hand auger. You just need to give us a call and make an appointment with Ayala Sewer Contractors.

We offer fast and perfect sewer cleaning in Los Angeles CAA problem that we often face up with, is packed with tree roots sewer lines. Eventually the roots do not allow the pipes to pass through. This can be serious problem, but it can be prevented. If there are trees in your yard it is possible for the roots to be in the sewer drain. Give us call and we will tell you if you have a root problem after we check your piping system. If the problem is small, we can solve it before the roots cause a major damages. Call us today at (213) 255-3533 for a sewer cleaning estimate.

Ayala Sewer Contractors
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Ayala Sewer Contractors
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